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Gardner Denver Governor™ Touchscreen Controller

Gardner Denver completes its industry leading compressor packages with state-of-the-art touch
screen controllers: the GD Pilot and Governor™. Featuring cutting edge graphics that provide necessary
compressor data and full color schematics in seconds, the Governor™ is now available on select L-Series
and LRS-Series compressors models.

Governor™ Touchscreen Controller Features
■ Available on L23RS–L290RS compressor models
■ User-friendly navigation with state-of-the-art
graphics and design
■ Machine status available on a 7-inch, full color
touchscreen display for L30RS–L290RS and a
4.3-inch display for L23RS–L29RS
■ Detailed schematics at your fingertips
■ Advanced machine diagnostics
■ Data logging and iConn connection
■ Web server to allow access to the Governor™
from your desktop