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Gardner Denver DGH Series Heatless Desiccant Dryers

Gardner Denver DGH SeriesHeatless Desiccant Dryers weredesigned to help you meetyour goals. Customizableperformance technology isintegrated into our standardproduct so it can be tailored tobenefit your specific criticalcompressed air dryingapplication. Now, you have theliberty to personalize theperformance of the standardproduct to adapt to yourspecific needs.

    • Pressure drop at rated flow is less than 5 psi
    • Standard voltages: Controllers automatically identify and adapt the controller:
      • Basic: 100-120V/1ph/5-60Hz;
      • Standard and Energy Savings controller: 100-240V/1ph/50-60Hz & 12-24 VDC
      • NEMA 4 Standard Feature with Standard and Energy Savings controllers

Inlet flows are established in accordance with CAGI Standard ADF-200: Dual Stage RegenerativeDesiccant Compressed Air Dryers-Methods for Testing and Rating. Conditions for rating dryers are:inlet pressure of 100 psig, inlet temperature saturated at 100°F.

    • Average purge flow rate is the amount of purge air used during the regeneration portion of thepurge cycle (purge/repressurization valve open) plus the volume of air used to repressurize thetower after the purge/repressurization valve closes averaged over the cycle time. At 100 psig, theaverage purge rate is: 14.4% (13.7% for regeneration + 0.7% for repressurization) of rated inletflow for dryers operating on a 10 minute cycle; 15.5% (13.7% for regeneration + 1.8% forrepressurization) for dryers on a 4 minute cycle.


    Outlet Flow: To determine flow of air available at outlet of dryer, subtract purge flow from inlet flow.